Management requires experience! Viewed in the past as being unnecessary, the subject of project management these days has become a critical formal and commercial factor in many business areas.

We offer more than a decade of experience in the deployment of highly skilled project and programme management personnel, combined with not only content-related but also practical experience, which we see as a crucial requirement.

Our services are rendered exclusively by certified Senior Project Managers (cSPM). Furthermore, we provide experienced managers who are available for interim management duties, in turn generating substantial added business value.

The “Management” business line focusses on providing customised management services, offering in particular:

  • Support services in project and/ or programme management, which are explicitly tailored to the defined project;
  • Specific coaching services in order to support the internal project and/ or programme manager;
  • Support on critical projects and/ or programmes in order to jointly implement them;
  • Management within a fixed period in order to ensure your company is optimally equipped for realignment; such as the optimisation of sales structures and the establishment of project-oriented companies.